RC car drifting is definitely one of the most exhilarating things that can be done with a radio-control vehicle. It is challenging, fun, and recreates full-size racing that provides spectators with plenty of entertainment. In addition to this, it is not that hard to do after you have learnt about the different surfaces, driving techniques, and the equipment that is needed. While there are RC cars out there that have been designed specifically as Radio-controlled drift cars, it is not impossible to turn other street cars into drifters. If this is something that thoroughly interests you, then keep on reading to find out more.

The Best Surfaces for RC Drifting

If you are new to this hobby, then you might not be entirely sure as to what it involves. For the uninitiated among us, drifting is controlled slides that allow your RC car to move through corners and curves quicker than the more conventional way, which is when all four wheels are gripping the surface. The controller will intentionally oversteer, which will cause the tires to lose their traction and the car to slide or skid. By applying the brakes in a timely manner, counter-steering, and accelerating, a skilled driver will be able to control the sliding and use it to help them move quickly around corners.

If you are planning to drift your RC car when remote control racing, then the choice of surface is something that you must take into consideration. In an ideal world, you will want to be drifting on an indoor track that has been made especially for remote control car drifting, but there will not always be one of those close to you. If this is the case, then the best alternative for you is to try and find some terrain that is as smooth as possible.

Indoor flooring is great, while a smooth pavement or a driveway can also work really well. If you have the time, then you could also create your very own track - a lot of RC tracks are composed of rubber, which is a really good material for creating drifts, but this can end up being expensive and you would have to have plenty of space. You need to avoid surfaces such as rough pavements, soil, or gravel.

What Are the Basic Techniques for RC Drifting?

When you have an RC car that has been equipped with slick drift tyres and you have found a smooth surface to practice on, you will be ready to start finding out more about the basic techniques that are needed for drifting. If you are not on a track, then you can make a curve using rocks or orange cones.

The first technique that you have to learn is how you initiate a drift by increasing the speed of your RC car at the curve. Completing any ordinary turn using a RC car is quite simple - you just have to steer your vehicle in the direction that you desire to go. Usually, you will decrease the speed so that all four wheels stay in touch with the track, but if you want to drift around the corner, losing some traction is a must.

To start a drift, brake like usual when approaching a curve, steer the RC car to the apex, and then accelerate faster than you usually would in order to loosen the grip that your back wheels have. By doing this, the back of your car will begin to slide, and when this happens you need to counter-steer to neutral. By doing this, you have just completed the first part in drifting. You will need to keep practicing this until you can make the tail of your RC car slide smoothly. Once you get to the stage where you can do this consistently, you are ready to start trying to drift all of the way around a bend.

This time, head towards the corner with a high speed, but instead of breaking and turning, turn the wheel and then brake at the same time to ensure that the back of your car loses traction. This will start the drift swing, and then counter steer to keep your car’s nose pointed at the apex of the corner until it slides around, and then go back to neutral as you leave the turn and speed away.

The Best RC Drift Cars

There are plenty of top RC drift cars out there that you can get your hands on, but it can be hard for a novice to decide on the car that is best for them. Additionally, not all drift cars have been created equally, so you do not want to rush into a decision when buying an RC drift car. To try and help you out, below we have provided you with five top RC drift cars that you should have a closer look at when you are considering making a purchase.

Jada Toys Fast & Furious Han’s Mazda RX-7

If you do not want to sink a couple of hundred dollars into a drift car at this moment in time, then Jada Toys have certainly got your back with their Jada Toys Fast & Furious Han’s Mazda RX-7. This car comes complete with a pistol grip controller that will be very familiar to those who have driven regular RC cars before. This car is really durable and able to withstand those accidental bumps. In addition to this, it has a turbo button to improve the speed and it is a fun device for children to play with.

However, users have come to note that its battery life is not that good, topping out at around 30 minutes maximum, depending on how often you make use of the turbo button. Although this is not ideal, the controller does have USB charging, so it is pretty simple to recharge between your racing sessions. There is also an additional set of wheels included, which is something that we like to see.

HSP RC Car 94123 Pro

Are you in the need for speed? If so, then this RC drift car is definitely one that you should take a look at because it can reach lightning speed of 59 km/h, leaving many of its competitors in its dust. With regard to corners, this HSP RC Car 94123 Pro car is very well equipped thanks to its 4-wheel suspension system, lightweight drive shaft, and rear and frontal dual differentials.

The reviews for this RC car are often positive, with buyers praising how simple it is to use straight out of the box alongside the fact that it is very easy to steer despite how fast it can go. There have been some battery related complaints, but it seems to be because of faulty units and not a norm.

Exceed RC Drift Star 350Z

With its brushless motor and 4-wheel drive feature, it is safe to say that they Exceed RC Drift Star 350Z is definitely capable of providing a consistent powerful performance. This is something that makes it really good for both outdoor and indoor drifting and will allow you to manage drifts a lot easier. Those who life to drift outdoors will be glad to hear that the transmission and motor are dust and mud-proof, while there is the option of tuning the suspension to the way that you like it.

If you happen to be new to the hobby of drifting, then this might not be the best RC drift car to start with due to the fact that plenty of reviewers have declared that it gets damaged easily during collisions. While it is not unusual for something made out of plastic to pick up damage when colliding with something at a speed of 30 kph, it is something to keep in mind if you are quite accident prone.


If you are looking for a car that is flawless to handle, then you should take a closer look at the MST RMX 2.0 RTR. The suspension and front steering have been modified in such a way to lead to greater control and stability, which means that it is a good choice for those who are new to this hobby. The motor of this car can also be mounter on the lower or upper position in order to change the vehicle’s center of gravity, meaning that it gives you numerous ways to experiment with drifting.

While this is a great car for both beginners and veterans, it must be noted that it is pretty expensive, so if you do not want to fork out a lot on an RC drift car, then it is probably best to look elsewhere.

Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift

If you are searching for a car with a middle of the range price, then the Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift is one that you have to take a closer look at. This RC car comes with great handling due to a variety of gear under its hood that includes 4-wheel independent suspension, a brushed electric motor, and responsive steering. All of this helps to provide its user with a reliable and smooth driving system. To top it off, it is also waterproof, so you do not need to worry about getting it wet.

What about the negatives? Well, some users have moaned about its battery life, so if you should think about buying a spare battery so that you can extend any of your drifting sessions.

If you are searching for a place where you can find out all of the latest news on RC drift racing and a place where you can purchase accessories for your car, then check out hpiracing.com as this is one of the best sites around for this hobby.

Best RC Drift Car Events

A lot of RC car drifters would like to have the experience of racing against fellow enthusiasts and learning more about their hobby. If you are the kind of person that would like to take part in some RC car races, then you need to have the right attitude and mindset towards the competition. You need to be aware that there will be other RC hobbyists who will take things very seriously and will be looking to give you strong competition.

In order to be part of any RC drifting race event, you have to know the schedule among other vital details. You do not want to end up being too late or register or end up turning up at the wrong event. Once you get in touch with the organizers, ask them about the different race classes that you can register for competitions with enthusiasts that are close to your own skill level.

There are small tracks or clubs, but this might allow competitors of varying skills to compete in the same race. On the other hand, large tracks or clubs usually have three different skill levels: novice, sportsman, and expert. If it is your first race, you will automatically be put in the novice or rookie class, and then you can work your way up to sportsman and expert by racing more.

RC car racing has the same etiquette as F1 racing, meaning that every car that take part must undergo a meticulous check before being allowed to start the race. In addition to this, officials will check for illegal boosts or modifications that have been installed in order to try and give an unfair advantage. All events have their own rules and regulations, and below you can find some of the most common ones:

  • Do not hit an opponent's car from the back
  • Charging batteries in the middle of a race is not permitted
  • Do not block anyone's view
  • If you jump in the course, you should let the racer behind you by
  • Do not shout and scream from the driver's stand

There are plenty of RC drifting competitions in the UK, and by clicking on the link that we have just provided, you will be able to find their relevant Facebook pages and more information about future events that will be held.

Betting on Car Racing

At this current moment in time, you will not find a sports betting site that will offer you odds for RC drift racing events, but there are plenty of other car racing events that you can bet on such as Formula 1 and NASCAR. What makes car racing betting entertaining is the fact that you can put your money on a variety of markets. For example, you can bet on the winner of a race or championship, you can bet on a driver to finish on the podium, you can place a match-up between two drivers, or you can even bet on the team that you think will pick up the most points across a season.

So, unless RC drift racing becomes extremely popular in the future, when it comes to betting on car-related racing at top sports betting sites, you will have to make do with betting on F1 and NASCAR events – not like that is a bad thing anyway.